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About India Insight Tours

What's in a name? In our case, everything! We are in the endeavor of providing to all - Indians and foreigners - an insight into the 'real' India; its history, culture, traditions, languages, religions, fairs, festivals…

In other words, we will give you an insight into the Beauty of India, Simplicity of India, Vastness of India, India Insight would like to introduce you to the hidden treasures of this great land! And we will go about our exploration are the most interesting of ways.

Each of our itineraries is meticulously designed, based on the knowledge and experience of real India. And staying with the local people in the villages of Himalayas and sharing their lives is just one of the unique ways! We are a team of specialized tour operators who excel in the fields of trekking, mountain climbing, wildlife tours, trans-Himalayan jeep/bus safaris, heritage tours, desert safaris and motorcycle tours. From the far-flung Himalayas in Ladakh to the snow capped peaks in Sikkim, from the arid desert villages of Rajasthan to the ancient temples of the south, from rafting on the Himalayan rivers to walking through the lush green valleys of Arunachal Pradesh - we provide you fun-filled holidays, memories of which you will treasure a lifetime & lot of things to come back toooo!!!!



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